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released October 31, 2016

All lyrics and music written and performed by Overcrown.

Produced and mixed by Overcrown in June 2016

Engineered by Elia Dalla Pola.
Mastered at Teatro Delle Voci studios by Marino De Angeli
Art realization and Graphics by Giulia Morgana Penzo and Pierre Mattiuzzi
Photography by Giulia Morgana Penzo
Band photo by Robert Skayal

Our gratitude to our friends who supported and helped us. Especially for the ones who value what we do. Thank you.



all rights reserved


Overcrown Conegliano, Italy

Overcrown (the first name was Crownless) is a Symphonic Metal band with doom influences from Conegliano - Italy.
The band was founded in 2006 by Aleksandar and Dusan Djeric with Fabio Affili . Through the years the band played in many festivals, and shared the stage with some of the biggest Italian metal bands.
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Track Name: Yggdrasil
Life giving tree, which we take down
green fades to grey
We cut, we burn, we die in smoke

Tree, forgive the human breed
Undeserving of your green Sanctuary
Tree forgive the confounded
Undeserving of your name, Yggdrasil

For each fallen tree, we die twice
In the end no one will come at mankind's funeral
Track Name: Barren Arms - Yggdrasil Part II
Only when the green light of life will be consumed by all this poison
Only when your barren arms will be motionless naked in silence
Only when our eyes and our lungs will burn in the winter

only then will we realize how we need you
Track Name: Frozen
This is my dream
Just to stay with you In the cold ice
This is the only solution
This is my only perversion

Angel, take my soul and Freeze all the world

Some moments are just too short
I want to feel your body close to my skin

World I’m sorry but my pleasure
Is more important than your salvation

Angel, take my best and Freeze all the rest
It’s my dream Just to stay with you In the cold ice
Track Name: Midnight Opera
I feel like i was in chains
Like they tore my wings I feel like a fly in the web
Father took my own life Locked up my liberty
Killed my smile forevermore

Darkness flows from this room's walls
Nightmares clutch my short sleep
I'm afraid of my own shadow
Running free in my dream's meadow
Oh, what is going on
What is that fire blazing From the castle's walls
Oh, where can i go I never could escape

May the stream of our emotions
Ride over all the oceans
May the night swallow this sorrow
Make us fly high, far away

Oh, demon of doom
What do you want Don't you see i'm already lost
Oh, would you do that for me Is this a dream
Track Name: King Lear
King and his kingdom
Honour and pride
His virtuous reign
He will divide
Will he realize he's just a burden
And all his kin left him alone?

You're the king of nothing
The throne is in your head
No crown, you've grown old
You walk among the dead

Ah, King Lear

Once King Now Fool
Once Warm Now Cold
On your knees in the rain
Your crown can't ease your pain
You’re lost
On your knees damp and old
King or fool, you feel cold

Before being king
You Must be a man
The crown is not enough to rule

You're the king of nothing
The throne is in your head
No crown, you've grown old
You walk among the dead
Track Name: You Are Me
There was the harsh velvet of the heath
Our faces blazing in the wind of Wuthering Heights
Your inconstancy, your ardour, your rebellious soul
Damned us, condamned us, stabbed us

No storm can rouse me
My soul is a nebulous pond where the night reflects
Bearing my prayer
Be with me always, take any form I can't live without my life
I can't live without my soul

You’re the cliffs concealed in the deep
You’re my spirit, you are me
I have waited for your return
Your cruelty killed me

You made me drown in this abyss
where i cannot find you
In a world where everything is a memory of loss
Wanderering in sorrow
I have to remind myself to breathe
Almost to remind my heart to beat
Waiting for the next life with you
In the harsh velvet of the heath blazing
in the wind of Wuthering Heights

Drive me mad Don't leave me in this darkness Where I cannot find you Inner silence
Track Name: Fallen
Fallen Angel, a spirit needs your vengeance
Her pain bound soul shouts her fright
The story about a girl walking alone
Looking for consolation in the night

Darkness brought her misery
Sinner's seed, evil man
Cruel enough to tear her heart
Which her life held so tight

Fallen Angel, help her she’s not free
Fallen Angel, change reality

Fallen Angel, this soul rejects this burden
Invokes you, guides you to that man

Air is damned by his breath
You found devil's minion
Unmerciful eyes, coward heart
All the evil he spread Instantly returns to him
He knows he already is
Slave of the lost sin

He feels shattered inside
He drowns into deep fears
His brain is blowing up
Ghost laughs, echoing tears
Pulling the trigger, the bullet tears
With a shot his vile existence ends
The angel with a blank look stands
Avenges the souls, gets back to the Land